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Egypt:  The Book of Going Forth by Day.

by M.D. Coverley.


-- An electronic manuscript of Ancient and Modern Egypt --

The Book of Going Forth by Day


Califia information.

Winter00   Web Fiction by M.D. Coverley

Fingerprints on Digital Glass

(8 short web stories of altered perception)

Afterimage:  in The Salt River Review, Volume 4, No. 3  - Fall 2001. 

Default Lives in Cauldron & Net, Volume 3 : Spring 2001.

Tide-Land:  in BeeHive, Volume 3 : Issue 4 - December 2000.

Universal Resource Locator:  in Iowa Review Web, October 2000.

Fibonacci's Daughter:  in New River, # 7, April 2000.

Eclipse Louisiana:  in Cauldron & Net,  Volume 2 : Spring 2000.

Endless Suburbs:  in The Iowa Review Web, October 1999.

Life in the Chocolate Mountains:  in Salt Hill, #7, Syracuse University, Spring 1999.

more about the stories in Fingerprints on Digital Glass

Flash Works

Accounts of the Glass SkyFlash narrative and photography in Artifacts, February 2002.

The Errand Upon Which We CameFlash poetry in collaboration with Stephanie Strickland, Cauldron & Net, Volume 3 : Spring 2001.

Bush Towel featured at the Boston Lite Show - Boston Cyberarts Festival - 
now up at Bunk Magazine, Spring 2001.

 A L G OFlash fantasy in  Poems that Go, July 2001.


Other Fiction and Poetry

Tumblers:   Riding the Meridian,  Winter 2001.

RainFramespoetry in Aileron, Spring 2000.

To Be Here as Stone Is:  poetry from True North--in collaboration with Stephanie Strickland. Riding the Meridian, October 1999.

Pao Lien and The Cave Dragon, Wu:  trAce MY MILLENNIUM Project, Nottingham Trent University, UK. Curated by Christy Sheffield Sanford, 1999.

Elys, The Lacemaker:  selection for Christy Sheffield Sanford's collaborative Web work, The Book of Hours of Madame de Lafayette, 1997.

The Probability of Earthquke: excerpt from Califia, selection for  Blast 5 Project, 1996; produced by the Alt X Foundation.

Love and the Dragonfly:  First Chapter of novel The Moon Instar:  Formerly at The Orange County Register.

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